Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedding Anniversary - 118 Years Ago!

Dan Meyer says: "I really love your family blog...I'm sending you a photo of Andrew C.Meyer and his bride Elna Katherine Beise Meyer on their wedding dayApril 12, 1891. Maybe you can post it on the anniversary day!"

Dan Meyer says: "Photo of Andrew C. and Elna K. Beise on their wedding day April 12,1891. It occured in Freistadt MO about 15 miles from St John'sLutheran Church in Stones Prarie, MO (near Purdy). Some of us areplanning a reunion at St Johns at their 125 Anniversary, the weekendof Sept. 26 and 27 of this year. Come join us if you can arrange it."

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  1. This is Dan Meyer, This photo is of Rev. A. C. Meyer and his wife, Ellna Beise Meyer but not on their wedding day, but later when they probably were living in Stones Prarie MO. Sorry for the earlier oversight. I have found a photo of what I think is their wedding party.