Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Irene Meyer Quebe Schad

Irene Meyer Quebe Schad


Front: Ellna Biese Meyer
Back (Left to Right): Irene Meyer Quebe Schad, Ann Meyer Kringel and Edward Gustav Meyer

Irene at Work!

Irene Meyer Quebe Schad is in the front row, center.
District/School? Other cafeteria workers?

Mother and Daughter

Irene Meyer Quebe holding Edith Mae Quebe

The Birthday Girl, Irene Meyer Quebe Schad!

Left to Right: Irene Meyer Quebe Schad and Margaret Siemsen Meyer

Irene Meyer Quebe Schad

Family Get Together!

Front (Left to Right): Patti Joy Prime, Ellna Biese Meyer
Back (Left to Right): Jimmie Allen Prime, Edith Mae Quebe Prime, Robyn Irene Prime, Irene Meyer Quebe Schad, William Fredric Schad, Dolores Uthoff Quebe holding Paul Quebe, and Stanley Arnold Quebe

Meyer Family

Meyer Family

Left to Right: Andrew, Ed, Irene, Ellna, Ann, Doc, John, and Harold Meyer

Irene Meyer Quebe

Enjoying Friends!

Left to Right: Unknown, Irene Meyer Quebe

Irene and Friends

Left to Right: Unknown, Irene Meyer, Unknown

Irene Meyer on an Ostrich!

Edith Mae Quebe Prime and Irene Meyer Quebe Schad

Meyer Family

Irene and Ann Meyer

School Girl

Irene Meyer

Four Generations

Left to Right: Ellna Biese Meyer, Irene Meyer Quebe, and Edith Mae Quebe Prime holding Robyn Irene Prime

Four Generations

Left to Right: Ellna Biese Meyer, Irene Meyer Quebe, and Edith Mae Quebe Prime holding Robyn Irene Prime

Irene and Leona Meyer

Irene Meyer with Hilary Rose Quebe Prime

About 1991

Ellna Biese Meyer and Irene Meyer

Anniversary of Eddie Meyer' Death

Dan Meyer says: Yesterday, April 24, was the anniversary of the plane crash that took cousinEddie's life in 1944 while serving in the US Army Air Corps.The photoshows Eddie, Uncle Ed Meyer, his father and your mom Edie, his cousinwho was closest in age to Eddie of the cousins in California at thetime, graduating in the same High School class at Redondo Beach UnionHigh School."

Photo taken in 1941.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedding Anniversary - 118 Years Ago!

Dan Meyer says: "I really love your family blog...I'm sending you a photo of Andrew C.Meyer and his bride Elna Katherine Beise Meyer on their wedding dayApril 12, 1891. Maybe you can post it on the anniversary day!"

Dan Meyer says: "Photo of Andrew C. and Elna K. Beise on their wedding day April 12,1891. It occured in Freistadt MO about 15 miles from St John'sLutheran Church in Stones Prarie, MO (near Purdy). Some of us areplanning a reunion at St Johns at their 125 Anniversary, the weekendof Sept. 26 and 27 of this year. Come join us if you can arrange it."

Friday, April 10, 2009

In Honor Of Andrew Meyer's Birthday!

John, Ed, Harold* and Andy Meyer taken in 1958; the sons of Andrew and Elna Meyer. (Information provided by Bill Meyer)

Dan Meyer sent me this picture and says:
"It's the anniversary of my Dad's birthday (April 9). I really likethis photo of him with three of his Redondo Beach brothers taken inJuly 1958. Pass it on if you care to. Highest regards to you, maybethis will make Patti's Blog!"
It is a great picture! Thank you for sharing it!

*Bill Meyer says, "Dad went by Fred, his middle name, around us. But he was called Boots by his brothers and sisters. He got that name as a kid because he would wear out shoes so they put him in boots."